Well, this should be interesting

Please bear with me. I’ve never done something like this before. You know, blog. I’m pretty sure my husband would just laugh if I told him I had a blog. Like I don’t have enough things to keep me busy….

Does the name of my blog invoke fear? I know before I had four kids, anytime I heard the words “she has four kids under….” I trembled! It didn’t matter how old the kids were; just the thought of 4 children was incredibly overwhelming. Now mind you, I have 4 kids the cheater’s way. Yep, I have twins. Darling, wonderful, stubborn twin 1 year old girls. Annie and Izzie are great. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. But, when I asked for a third, I got double! Their older sister Megan (just turned 7, going on 15) and brother Drew (just turned 3) also keep me hopping. So, bear with me as I enter the world of blogs.

Well, if you read my bio you know that I stay at home with the kids. Meg is in first grade, so I actually don’t see much of her during the day. Drew is in preschool two mornings a week which is incredibly helpful. He LOVES his baby sisters, most of the time too much. Annie is walking and has been since she was 10 months old and she does not appreciate all that brotherly love. Izzie is trying hard to walk. She actually took a few steps last week on Meg’s birthday. Funny about that….Meg walked on her first birthday, Drew walked on Meg’s 5th birthday and Izzie walked on Meg’s 7th birthday. Something about January 30th is magical I guess!

I never anticipated that I’d stay at home with my children. I went to college, graduated, and went to law school. Oh, and racked up enormous debt (save that for another blog). So in theory I was to work, work, work to pay off that debt. So when we talked about having kids, we knew that I would be going back to work. Which I did 4 months after Meg was born, and I worked in a law firm until 3 weeks before Drew was born. Then I “retired” from the practice of law to stay home. It was partly because of the financial aspect of two in daycare, and partly because it was time. It was time to see what Meg did all day long. It was time to be a mom. And I’m a working mom, even though I rarely leave my house. We can save that discussion for another blog.

Well, it’s after 10pm and my 4 cherubs rise before 6 (am that is).

I hope you’ll come visit!


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