And the winner is…….

THE FLU! The version of the flu running rampart in these parts as felled 5 out of the 6 of us. Those 5 have bronchitis, sore throats, fevers, and for the twins, ear infections. Can you guess which one of the 6 is healthy? Yes, you guessed, it, my husband! How does that happen? Why is that fair? So, not only do I need to administer antibiotics to 4 children (and keeping them straight while I’m sick myself is going to be a challenge) but somehow I need to remember to take my own. I have barely slept the last two nights, as Drew has been in our room every half hour needing “hugs” and last night Annie was so congested it was causing her to have trouble breathing. So, I brought the monitor back into our room so I could hear her if she start to have troubles once we went to bed. Of course, that meant that while she slept, I didn’t, because I kept that “ear open” for the first sign of trouble. Now, before you all go “poor you”, and Doug gives me crap, HE was the one up with Drew every half hour. And then he got up at 5 and traveled to New Hampshire today. So, I won’t give him too much trouble for leaving me home with 4 sick children. And for some reason, when children are sick, it seems like everything is so much more traumatic. Take today at the doctor for instance. As soon as Isabelle saw our beloved doctor (he has been my doctor since I was 8 or something like that), she started to cry. So, Annabelle started to cry. He hadn’t even LOOKED at them yet. Not sure if it’s a twin thing or not, but it’s funny/sad/annoying/sweet. And since I don’t feel well, I can’t decide that right now. I just know I’m counting the hours until Doug returns, so he can tuck me into bed.


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…….

  1. Being sick when the kids are sick is the worst. Hugs for you! Also, I just noticed your favorite book list and I have to say that 22, 3, and especially 4 are my favs too.

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