A change of scenery. It does a mind good. (UPDATE)

I am in a better place today. No, not Cabo or Rome, but mentally in a better place. I’ve never been to Cabo, but I’ve been to Rome and I would like to go back. I digress (I do that quite often).

Took Drew to school this morning so he could go on a field trip. Without. Me. His school was going to the Planetarium for a little show about rockets and space. Normally, I would chaperon a school trip, as parents have to drive the kids (this is a tiny in-home preschool, so no bus). But, my MIL had cataract surgery Tuesday and Doug is swamped at work, so I had to let him go with someone else. I am counting the minutes until he comes home. I am certain he will be a total PITA this afternoon, but at least he’ll be with me. He’s only 3. I teared up leaving the school. I am such a sap. (Field trip update. Drew did not watch ONE BIT of Rusty the Rocket’s Last Blast. NOT ONE BIT. The lights went out and he started to cry. For his Mama. His poor teacher stayed with him in the hallway for the entire show. Maybe next year. Sigh.)

So, the girls and I went to Walmart. I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE Walmart. Alas, Target is 25 minutes away on the turnpike and Walmart is 10 minutes from here. So, not hard to determine where I was going. We had to get a gift for Meg to take to a birthday party. We weren’t there long, but it was so good to get out of the house. While we waited in line to pay, I was quietly observing the mother in front of me. She had 5 kids. I am guessing she homeschooled them, because 3 of the 5 looked old enough to be in school. One of the kids in the shopping cart was screaming to get out. All I could think of was “is that what we look like when we go out?” When it was time for the cashier to ring me up, she commented on how quiet Annie and Izzie were being in their stroller (because of course Walmart does NOT MAKE shopping carts that can seat two). Then she said “at least you don’t have 5 like she did”, to which I replied, “well, I do have 2 more at school” and she got all panicky. And then I got the typical “I just don’t know how you do it”. I think that people who say that to me should be prepared for the earful I want to give them: “I cry, often. I yell, often. I eat too many snacks. I don’t often get out. I am cranky 99.9% of the time.” Instead, I just nodded and smiled. Because I was out of my house. A change of scenery. It does a mind good.


6 thoughts on “A change of scenery. It does a mind good. (UPDATE)

  1. I am freaking out because when pre-k turns to summer camp in june, there are fieldtrips for my 4-y-o. I will either be largely pregnant or home with #3 and unable to go. Minor freakout here!!Change of scenery is good, good for you.

  2. Hugs! My DH calls Wal.mart the Evil Bastion of Capitalism. Thankfully, Target is almost the exact same distance if not closer. Although, we’re not exactly rich and there are times when you just can’t beat the Wal.mart prices. PS – I didn’t even think about the whole outgrowing light up shoes this! That must be hard when the little ones still can.

  3. i call wallyworld the evil empire too. our target is just as close, but sometimes we too must enter into the evil place.as for the first alone field trip–uh, hate to tell you it doesn’t get easier. the girl (11) is going on her first overnight field trip this month–big 5th grade 3 day trip. WITH OUT ME! CK

  4. Sometimes when I’m out with my mom and the three youngest, someone will see me with just the twins (my mom pushing the cart with the baby), and they’ll say something like, “A boy and a girl! So now you’re done, right?” and that’s always kind of… awkward. Or I’ll run to the store with just Henry while Paul is home with the others, and someone will say understandingly, “Your first?” “No–fifth” gets a good startle reaction!

  5. I often don’t care where we go…just as long as it is OUT! I’ve made many trips to crafts stores, the mall, Target, etc…just to get us all out of the house. You need it!

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