Oh Yes, oh yes, it’s Springtime


Apparently Drew thinks being outside is AWESOME!

If you know Disney’s “Little Einsteins”, then set this video in your mind to the “Oh Yes, Oh Yes it’s Springtime” episode featuring Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons~Spring”.

Totally brightened up my day.


6 thoughts on “Oh Yes, oh yes, it’s Springtime

  1. Wow, how much sugar did he have today. LOL. I guess it’s all the built up energy from being inside all winter huh.What a little cutie though. I can’t believe you still have snow, we barely have any here in eastern maine

  2. Okay, on a totally random note…last night I had a dream that I stopped by your house for a play date. You know, just because I happen to be in Maine so often. You didn’t seem to be at all surprised when I showed up at your door with my twins in tow. I must have been reading blogs in my sleep….

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