My four kids

In the past 3 weeks, my twins have gotten 5 teeth between them. They each sprouted a tooth today. I think it’s because I was reading Meg’s little doctor book that I made for each major doctor’s appointment and casually said to Doug “hmmm, Meg had 12 teeth at 15 months”. I think the girls decided to catch up. Annie will hit 12 teeth probably tomorrow. Izzie is still looking for the bottom two to pop through.

Drew chews his hands. They are CONSTANTLY in his mouth. Short of taping his mouth shut or making him wear mittens all the time, I have no idea what to do (as an aside, I would never tape his mouth shut. I would think about it as a great solution, but then how could he give me such good smoochies?) It’s making me crazy. He chews his fingernails off. And randomly a toenail too. I don’t get it. He puts every single toy he touches in his mouth. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, since boys are yucky. I am talking about the same boy who has figured out that he has a penis. Need I say more? sigh.

Meg is blossoming at school. She came home today to tell me that she’ll be reading a book to her class tomorrow. She is so excited to read aloud to the class. She is one of two children reading at about a mid-second grade level (she’s in first grade). We love books and read together often. Chapter books are her favorite right now. Tuesday night she and Doug were doing math during dinner and we found out she can do multiplication. Nothing hard, but she knows a few. She’s 7. I hope she continues to feed this love of learning.

My four kids amaze me every day. Izzie has a litany of words she can say now: kitty, ball, happy, moo, Annie. She tries hard to say Megan but it comes out as Mimi (which is confusing since she has two Mimis already). Both twins call Drew “Ooie”. Annie follows simple instructions so well I can’t comprehend why the older kids can’t. Ha. Drew is working so hard to correct his pronunciations of words, and he can already spell his name. They are wonderful kiddos. Some days I wonder how I got so lucky.


4 thoughts on “My four kids

  1. yeah for meg on the reading. does she like junie b. jones books? if not–run, don’t walk to the library and get some. they are hysterical and both of my kids loved em. another fave in our house was dear mrs. larue (a story about a dog and his escape from obediance school.)CKalso, whoot whoot on having a shiny happy day!

  2. Oh, I love Junie B! And also Captain Underpants, too. Funny, funny stuff. This will be a good post for you to come back to someday when they’re being total brats. 🙂

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