The weekend in review

What a weekend. It was so busy, but really nice too. I had my all-day scrapbooking event on Saturday and it went incredibly well. I did manage to pull it all together at the last minute and everyone had a good time. It was a long day and I was so beat when I got home, but my sales at the event boosted my spirit.

Mother’s Day was very lovely. The older kids and my husband made me breakfast in bed, which was a first. I’d already received Drew’s gift on Thursday when he got home from school; with the help of his teachers, he planted a flower in a pot that he decorated with his fingerprints and they made into ladybugs. It’s sitting in my kitchen windowsill and I love it. Meg brought her gifts home on Friday. She made a card with a picture of me on the front, then there was a poem inside and a worksheet she filled out about me. It’s so neat seeing her handwriting on things and what things about me make her happy (I read to her, and she mentioned that ALOT). Doug did take the kids Saturday to the mall and got me the Mike Lowell autobiography that I wanted. He also got me a Kevin Garnett t-shirt and get this….a very large Kevin Garnett bobblehead doll. It cracked me up so much that Kevin is on my bedside table. I have never been a big basketball fan, but since Garnett joined the Celtics, it’s my reason for watching. I love him.

We headed to my parents to visit with my mom (my inlaws are away on a trip in the south, so we won’t see them until they return). I always bring her a hanging plant and this year she returned the flora with some plants for my garden~a false indigo and shasta daisies. Then she dug up some more flowers from her gardens for me. We got them all planted yesterday afternoon. The kids had fun running around in my parents’ backyard.
The rest of the day was a normal Sunday with laundry, groceries and baths. It was still nice to enjoy the day with my kids and hear them say they love me. And really that’s what it’s all about.

2 thoughts on “The weekend in review

  1. love the ladybug fingerprint pot : ) too sweet. and the worksheet about you? i bet that’s fun too. i don’t do sports so i have no idea who the bobble head is but the fact that you have it by your bed—priceless!happy mother’s day!CK

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