A good day

Yesterday was a good day, despite the gray clouds and the distinct chill in the air.

At 7 am the Lowe’s delivery man arrived via pickup truck to deliver the parts for the playset. I was glad they didn’t come in a Lowe’s truck, as we live on a bumpy dirt road and have neighbors. We didn’t want to wake them up. The long bar for the playset was NOT in the truck. Nice delivery man made a call and said he’d head back to get the long bar. BUT, when awesome installer man Roland arrived, he had the long bar with him! A good sign. Roland spent from 7:30 to 4:30 at my house yesterday putting up the playset. It’s missing a swing and the parts to put together the kids little table with awning, but for the most part, it’s done. I’ll post pictures soon, I promise.

Drew had a field trip to the Maine Wildlife Park yesterday, which I chaperoned with the twins. This park is 10 minutes from my house. Even though we were cold, we had a good time wandering the park with some of his friends from preschool and looking for the animals. Annie and Izzie were gaga over the “deahdeahdeah” and the bears. The male peacocks were strutting their stuff and showing off; there is even a white peacock which is pretty amazing.

After prying Meg and Drew from the playset, Meg had a softball game last night. For a surprise, my in-laws came, along with my niece and brother-in-law (he was picking her up from the University of New Hampshire and we told him he MUST come see Meg play). After confusion as to who we were playing (the team on the schedule didn’t show, so we played another team whose team didn’t show; weird) the game got underway. Meg was 2 for 2. She was 0 for 3 Tuesday night and really frustrated, so she was wicked excited to get 2 hits and have a huge cheering section. And at the end of the game, she got the game ball! She was over the moon. She is 7 and the ages on her team go up to age 12, so we were so incredibly proud. Her coach signed the ball and it’s on her bureau in her room. We borrowed a bat and some balls so she can practice this weekend too. I’m glad she enjoys this sport so much. She seems to be a pretty good player so far.

We collapsed at 8:30 after getting the kids to bed, had a dinner of bagel, egg, cheese and bacon and watched some of the Celtics game. Too bad they didn’t win. I’ll have to give my Garnett bobble-head a talking to today. Now I’m off to take pictures of the playset and watch Drew swing like a fool.


5 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Glad the playset came. I remember a million years ago when my parents got a playset. It was The Best Day Of My Life.I love that Meg is a little softball player! I played my whole life and I still have tons of friends from those days.

  2. Yay for the play set!! One of the best parts of our Maine vacation last September was the wildlife park. Hub climbed a fence to get good moose photos for me. The kids loved it too. 🙂

  3. I’m excited to see the playset!You mentioned Maine and reminded me that that’s where you live. 😉 That, in turn, reminded me of Janet Chapman’s Highlander books, which take place in Maine, as well as the movie Casper, also taking place in, you guessed it, Maine. This reminded me that I’d love to visit Maine.Hm, that was a long way for me to ask you to post pics of your beautiful state… Do you live in one of those quaint towns or somewhere average?

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