The naptime dance

I am waiting, rather impatiently, for Annabelle and Isabelle to fall asleep. What I am hearing is my name said over and over and a lot of banging in the cribs, not blissful silence. Naptime here has become some sort of crazy dance. The girls are forcing me to only put them down once a day, but so far WHEN that time of day is hasn’t been established. I rue the end of two solid naps a day. Because Meg was a daycare kid at the twins’ age, she was used to a nap every day after lunch, and took one until she was 3 1/2. Drew fought me on naps and rarely takes one anymore, although he appears to be sleeping as I type because a small person just can’t get up before 6 every day and not eventually crash. I would love to get the girls on some sort of a routine to minimize the insanity of only one nap a day, but I’m not there yet. I want them to nap twice a day, damnit. But I think I have to resign myself to an afternoon nap schedule here soon.

The main reason I want them to nap today is because I haven’t been home all morning. I drove Meg to school today, drove Drew to school, then as I was about to unload the girls for a snack and nap, Doug called. He had gone to the other house on a way back from a meeting, and found that the washer hookup had been slowly leaking since the washer was removed Saturday morning. So, I emptied the dehumidifier, loaded it into the van and drove to the other house. After getting that all settled, we drove to the school my mom works at to pay them all a surprise visit. I hadn’t brought the girls in there since the day I was discharged from the hospital after they were born, so it was a fun little visit. After a trip home in which the girls took a small snooze, they fought lunch and are now apparently going to fight a real nap. I am tired and crabby. I want everyone to rest so I can maybe accomplish SOMETHING, ANYTHING before Meg comes home and we do the softball practice shuffle.

As the girls are still making way too much noise, I ought to knock some heads together go settle them down. Then maybe I’ll take a nap too. Ha.


3 thoughts on “The naptime dance

  1. Before 6!? Yowch!I remember when Taylor went from two naps to one. It broke my heart. But I’m still fervently grateful for at least one reprieve! One day that too will be gone…

  2. Yes, that’s the one thing you have to give daycare….a set schedule!! Bud is just now outgrowin his naps at 4.5 nd Lucy loves to sleep. I hope we can be so lucky this next time around!

  3. Ahh the naptime dance. One of the most illusive and frustrating times known to moms everywhere. Whenever you NEED them to sleep they won’t. Because they KNOW.

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