Letters from Lawyers

Oh how I hate the unexpected. My husband swears I don’t like surprises, and in some instances, he is right. I like GOOD surprises, not icky, yucky ones. I like found money in pants pockets, unexpected hugs from my kids, flowers when I least expect them (especially ones that I actually POINT OUT to said husband, but subtlety is lost on him apparently. Whoops, digressing).

So I just about freaked out when my husband brought home the mail at lunch and there was a letter, addressed to me with my ESQ. following it, from a law firm. I haven’t been a practicing, active lawyer in 2 years, but my name is still in the bar directory because I still pay annual dues to the Board of Bar Overseers. Why was I getting a letter from a law firm? Did the old nasty tenants decide to sue me? What did I do wrong? All those thoughts ran through my head while I ripped open the envelope. Turns out, the letter was from a law firm that specializes in ambulance chasing personal injury offering its services to me and my clients. Now, if I were a calmer, less insane person, I would have realized the following before commencing freakout: 1) the former tenants did not know I was a lawyer; 2) if the former tenants were to sue me, the letter would be addressed to my husband and me and 3)oh, the return address was from THAT KIND of firm (and by that kind, I mean the kind that advertises on television with lame ads touting how great they are~you don’t have to pay unless we win~kind of ads). But no, my heart leapt into my chest and I had a mild panic attack. I am all better now though and ready to face the rest of this very hot day.


8 thoughts on “Letters from Lawyers

  1. Dude — imagine how I felt when I was actually served with the lawsuit papers — which is STILL dragging it’s 5.5 million dollar-ass through the courts two years later. Panic attack?! yes please!I hate those )%#(*)@( ambulance chasers.

  2. Don’t feel bad–I began to panic over our IRS tax return! Oh–BTW, I noticed your comment on Jen’s blog and see that you have 4 children with twins! So do we! And very close to the same ages! Never a dull moment–and we love it!

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