They say it’s my birthday!

I’m officially 36! I’ve had a really good weekend. I went for a pedicure with my friend Julie yesterday morning and my goodness I don’t know why I wait a year between appointments! Must. Go. More. Often. After an afternoon of lounging around due to thunderstorms, I baked and cleaned, so that we could have a little family gathering today. My parents and in-laws came for brunch and it was yummy! My kids and husband got me a thistle feeder and seed for the backyard, and an IPod adapter for my car. Woohoo! I’m so tired of listening to the one good station around here. Now I just need to get more music on the IPod, as it dumped a bunch once trying to sync it to the computer. My in-laws got me some lovely serving spoons and forks, as there are never enough to go around when you need them. And my parents gave me a little monetary treat to spend on myself (clothes, more pedicures, coffee!). Meg and Drew made me cards that I just love, and I even got an arrangement of gerber daisies from Doug on Friday. Oh, and cake. Of course I had cake and not one I had to make myself! Really, it was just a lovely way to spend my birthday.

And because I love the mail so much, Auntie Nettie sent along a couple of gift packages for me. Hooray for the mail lady (yes, we have a mail lady) coming to my house twice in one week! She sent me a little Nancy Drew quote book ( I LOVE Nancy Drew) and a Mom Mood Magnet for the fridge. But she saved the best for last with something straight from this. I never knew that muffin top pans existed, but thanks to her I am set for life! Thank goodness Auntie Nettie and I read some of the same blogs. MWAH Auntie Nettie (oh and I got your voicemails but I was out galavanting with my family at the softball closing ceremonies!)!!!

So in all it’s been a great weekend and I wish it wasn’t ending. But, since the kids were up at 6 for the day, I’m tired and feeling my age (hahaha!) and will be heading to bed sooner rather than later.


11 thoughts on “They say it’s my birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday dear Kristin,Happy Birthday to you!And Many More!!!!!!!We drove through the town of Gray yesterday and I thought of you and wondered if you were having a good birthday. I’m glad to hear you did. 🙂

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