The post where I bitch

I am going to say this out loud, right now: I do not like my kids very much today. There. Love them to pieces, but could SERIOUSLY do without them for say, a few days. And that means ALL of them, not just the older ones. Does this make me a bad mama? Nope. Just a tired/overworked/underpaid/notfeelingverylovedtoday mama. Today I am tired of giving, giving, giving and getting screamed at, or smacked, or have things thrown at me. I am tired of arranging playdates only to have the kids fall apart when they’re over. I am tired of Barforama. I am tired of the messy house, the list of rules that my kids refuse to follow, the laundry. I am tired of questioning whether I made a big mistake a) having kids and b) having so many kids. I am tired of just about everything today. I am tired of the days being the same all the time. I am tired of being too tired to enjoy any free time at night that I have. I am tired of repeating myself all day long and never getting ahead. I am tired of summer and humidity and not wanting to go outside.

So tonight I’m going to visit with a friend, do a little scrapbooking, and try to regroup for the weekend.


8 thoughts on “The post where I bitch

  1. Oh, amen to THAT. The repeating, the bitching, the repeating, the playdates, the REPEATING… oh, yes. Oh, and the summer. Ugh.Hang in there woman! Sometimes everyone wants to run for the hills. People ask me if I’m going to be sad when Patrick starts K in a few weeks, and I tell them, yeah, I’m gonna cry all the way to Starbucks!!!!

  2. I hear you there. Why is it, that as we get older, we seem to pile more and more responsibilities onto ourselves? Whatever happened to free time and no stress? Sigh.

  3. god–though i hate you’re in a rut too, seems like you aren’t the only one. wtf is up? are the planets out of alignment or something? the day to day crapiness does get overwhelming. i’m trying to concentrate on the fact that we’ve all been here before (and will be again) and there are shiny happy spots in between.also–andreanna’s idea of a martini sounds good : ) oh wait, it’s on ly 10:30 in the am.

  4. Nothing like a bit of time for yourself to remind you that you could’ve had a lot more time for yourself if you’d never had kids… ;)I’ll remind you of what I need to be reminded on occasion: They’re supposed to be worth it. šŸ˜‰

  5. Hilarious. Other than the fact that you got the twins I always expected…..we live parallel lives!!! I shall be reading through your other posts for fun and for comfort and cause it’s just spookie how similar things are!!!

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