Cage Fighting

Wonder how many Google hits I’ll get with this post?

Annie and Izzie have figured out that they can climb on the furniture. That is all well and good, as climbing is great for them. What isn’t all well and good is the fact that they run up and down the couch, together, launghing like the demon spawn that they are. And this usually transpires when I have turned my back on them to oh, say, read a blog/go to the bathroom/help the other children. I spent about solid hour yesterday afternoon yanking them off the furniture. The minute I take them down, the climb back on again, laughing at me like it’s some great game.

Today I was at my wit’s end (Fridays seem to give me a much shorter fuse; I can’t imagine why). So, after the third time of yanking them off the couch, I devised this beauty:

That little cage usually keeps the girls in the dining area, but out of the kitchen. But today it was my salvation for a few minutes. They actually thought it was fun for a bit, and started pushing each other down and howling with laughter. Somehow they managed to miss the point though. I suppose since they’re only 18 months old I should cut them some slack.


12 thoughts on “Cage Fighting

  1. Oh, you can tell just by looking in those eyes that they are devilish ones! They really do seem to be enjoying their “punishment.” You poor thing! lol

  2. ROFLOL! Can I borrow the cage? As for the TV, I think it might bring you closer to sanity, but I think I’ve proven not completely sane. Cause someone always starts with, “I don’t want to watch this” or “I can’t hear it.” And it’s always said with a really whiny, grate right through you whine.

  3. Since becoming the mom of a mobile child, I wanted to invent the toddler-carrier, complete with food and water dispensers. The “cage” will have to do instead, I suppose.

  4. Holy smokes, sometimes I think we lead parallel lives. Charlotte and Gavin are OBSESSED with running up and down the length of the couch, and they have tumbled off on more than one occasion. And they absolutely FREAK OUT when I enclose them in the Superyard; they don’t like it one bit.

  5. Oh my gosh. Just catching up on my blog reading. WE used four panels of the super yard as “baby jail” for time outs, safe place, etc. When mine climbed too dangerously on the sofa I would toss the couch cusions on the floor and let them jump/climb on them there. Now they’re trained to just move the cushions onto the floor themselves. Of course, if you actually care about your furniture this is a problem. 🙂

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