Damn that Michael Phelps

Why did the Olympics have to be in Beijing? I mean really, a 12 hour time difference? I haven’t been up until 11 or 12 pm since the twins were little, for crying out loud! But if I want to see Michael Phelps win some more gold, I have to stay up. All. Night. Long. Argh. It doesn’t help that I have a horrible cold (and one sexy voice, let me tell you) that I’ve been battling since last week, but then having to stay up to watch all that swimming. I couldn’t handle the gymnastics and slept thru pretty much all of it. Thankfully the swimming is all over, and now what is on? I have no idea.

So my weekend was pretty much a wash. I became good friends with my couch, napping here and there. Lira (the cat) and I even took a good snooze in bed. What a sorry way to spend the beginning of vacation. But considering how sick the kids were most of the summer, I think I got off pretty easy with the cold. I’ll just take it as a sign that the kids finally got the best of me and I need to slow down a bit. Forced rest always helps.

We found a snake in the yard today that we’ve named Black Mamba. It’s really a Black Racer snake, and they’re endangered. Our little Black Mamba seemed quite healthy as he downed a frog that didn’t hop away fast enough. Here he is under my back porch:
Don’t you wish you had a Black Mamba too?
Tomorrow we’re taking the kids back to Range Pond (pronounced “rang” for some ungodly reason). It’s really more of a lake, but I guess calling it a pond makes it cuter or something. I’m thrilled that the weather is going to be nice while Doug is on vacation. I can use a few days of nice weather and time out of the old homestead, as the following week he goes to North Carolina for 3 days and LEAVES ME ALONE WITH FOUR CHILDREN. Send vodka, chocolate, or other sundries that will help me survive. Oh, and chloroform and duct tape. Did I mention he’s LEAVING ME ALONE WITH FOUR CHILDREN? For 3 solid days and nights. Holy shit I don’t know how I am going to manage. Whenever I think about it I get a nervous twitch and want to go cry in my closet. So that’s where I’m heading now.

5 thoughts on “Damn that Michael Phelps

  1. OH MY GOD. I WOULD BE SO FREAKING OUT IF THERE WAS A SNAKE THAT BIG IN MY YARD. I found a tiny little snake when we first moved into this house and insisted that it be killed. I could not deal with knowing there was a snake hanging around waiting to jump out and scare the bajeebus out of me. I hate snakes.

  2. snake? aw hell now. endangered or not snakes in my back yard would be dead. D.E.A.D i tell you. we have yet to find one–thank god. your hubs is coming to NC? kewl. well, not for you of course!as much as i’ve not been interested really in the olympics, i too watched swimming and some running and girls’ gymnastics. i’m not excited about any of it, but i watched.

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