I treasure reading with Meg every night. It’s just the two of us, snuggling on the couch, reading the latest fairy adventure in our fairy series, or more about Mary and Laura, or the Penderwicks. It is the only time we get together in the day, just the two of us, and I hate when we miss nights.

I treasure the very brief quiet time I get with Drew during the day. It’s an odd thing; I desperately want a break from him when the girls are napping, but I also love just sitting with him and watching tv, or reading to him. I treasure watching him play with his cars (I’m not allowed to interact lest I ruin the city).

I treasure hugs and kisses from Izzie. She usually shrugs me off when I attempt to kiss her, so the random hugs and kisses that she bestows upon me make me smile. They usually happen when I’m sitting on the floor watching her run around yelling “bubsies!” (butterflies) and she comes running over, flings herself on me and gives hugs.

I treasure Annie’s smile. She has a smile that lights up her face, and the room. She is a genuinely happy little girl, so we see lots of smiles. I love watching her hug her puppers (a pink and white stuffed dog) and carrying around her blanket, happy as can be.

I treasure my alone time with Doug. We sit together watching tv, sometimes not even talking, but we’re together and that is what matters. I treasure the times when we get to go out to our favorite place for pizza and a glass of wine and we talk about the kids, or our future. We still hold hands when we go out, even after all these years. I wish we had more of those times these days, but I treasure the ones we do have.


7 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. I love that you have those moments with everyone. I was talking to Ross this morning about more kids and we were saying that we want more but were concerned about having those moments with each of them…I’m glad I have you as a role model! And I love seeing people holding hands so I’m glad you two still do it.

  2. I really liked this post too! It is so easy to get down and think about the things wrong in life and not our treasures. I was looking at my daughter today and realized that if I showed a photo of her to me two years ago it would have blown my mind that I have this beautiful little creature in my home. It then dawned on me that it still blows my mind, but I don’t always stop to think about it. But I should…again, nice post!

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