Free time. Now what?

Right now, my three youngest children are sleeping. My oldest is of course at school, loving every second of second grade. This naptime phenomenon is quite unusual here. The twins do take an afternoon nap everyday, but Drew hasn’t napped since he was 2 1/2. Today however, he is under the weather (because of course it was his second day of preschool) and I had to keep him home. He had a horrible night of sleep; he was awake every hour or so crying and today he is all stuffy. I digress. I have a good two hours of uninterrupted time before me, and I am at a loss as to what to do with it. Oh, I’ll load the dishwasher and run it, and I have mountains of laundry to fold. I am breathing a little easier right now, as the kids were all crazy this morning and not listening and the good feelings I had after walking on the treadmill vanished pretty quickly. My cat is at my feet keeping them warm and I am relaxing. I could easily sit here until someone wakes up, reading blogs and the news. But today I think I’ll be productive. I am going to use my free time wisely. Because soon everyone will be up, my dad will be here with Meg and the usual afternoon chaos will take over the house. I might as well enjoy my free time while I can.


6 thoughts on “Free time. Now what?

  1. I feel like I always mismanage my free time, no matter what I do. If I spend it on myself, I should have been doing housework or working. If I spend it working, I should have spend the time relaxing.You can’t win for losing.

  2. I think naptime is the most precious, peaceful time there is. Even now, when my kids aren’t here, there was something about naptime that was even more peaceful. Maybe it was the whispery sound of sleeping, maybe it was the forced quiet… I don’t know. I would sit if I were you. Laundry can be folded anytime. Quiet is fleeting!

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