Taking the wind out of their sails

The twins have a new game. It’s the stripper game. It’s a game where they remove all their clothes and diapers and run around in their cribs. And pee on their sheets. Or poop, as the case may be. It is not my kind of game. I prefer Candy Land. Fully clothed Candy Land.

Last night when we thought the girls were asleep, Annie started screeching at the top of her lungs. Doug went to investigate, and found her laying naked, in poo. GROSS. Then, upon further examination, he found Izzie sans pants and diaper, almost asleep. Um, what gives? I know I should be proud of the fact that they can take off their shirts and pants. And I am. However, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if they would refrain from having bodily functions in their cribs. Ugh.

So today I figured that two can play that game (or three). The girls are wearing long sleeve onesies that snap at the crotch. HA. And they are wearing overalls. Double HA. It is now naptime. I will go investigate and see if they are still clothed. This new solution does put me in a bit of a bind; they only have so many pair of overalls. Of course if it doesn’t work, I’m just duct taping their clothes on them and calling it good. See AndreAnna, duct tape is a perfectly fine solution to your problems.


10 thoughts on “Taking the wind out of their sails

  1. WHY am I always eating lunch when I read a post about poop?Bygones.I would’ve suggested the onesie thing also — but, duct tape DOES fix everything!Here’s hoping you have a feces-free naptime!

  2. That is a smart solution. maybe try turtlenecks too. And do they make jeans for girls with the adjustable elastic inside the waistband. Maybe tighten that as much as you can without cutting off their circulation so they can’t easily pull their pants down. Just some thoughts… beyond that, I’d go with the duct tape too.

  3. Kids that I used to babysit did this so I would put them in those zipper footed pajamas but backwards – so they zipped up the back. It was well worth it because the paint with poop game wasn’t up my ally at all.

  4. roflmao–only because it’s not me that’s dealing w/ naked/feces. ah, thank the LORD my kids didn’t go through that phase cos i’d probably also have to clean up hurl (mine) after witnessing that. i do remember that my brother (6 yrs younger) did this once at naptime when he was about 2. my mom closed the door and cried for a minute. of course he also use to think he was helping clean house when he’d spit on the table and wipe it off w/ a kleenex.

  5. that is too cute…except for the poop part. My 2-year old knows that the best way to get my attention when I am trying to force her to take a nap is to yell about poop…

  6. God love overalls!!!!! Nakedness is all well and good in its place, but seriously, bed-poop is NOT good. I’m with you- fully-clothed Candyland is where it’s at!I wonder if you had a scheduled naked-time if it would help, or hurt? Like, if they were allowed to run around every day for an hour or so before bed, and if you made a big deal about it being Naked Time!!!!! if they would then compartmentalize it and look forward to it as an ‘only-then’ kind of thing?

  7. Oh my gosh, astarte, we used to have a thing called “naked upstairs time” where they would get to run around the hallway completely naked. (The hallway being the only non-carpeted area.) Oh and you can buy white duct tape so it blends in with the diaper. Convenient for when you’re at the park and your kid bends over and their diaper hangs out. good luck and keep us posted!

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