I went to Fenway Park and all I got was a lousy pretzel

Well, and a hot coffee too.

Our anniversary trip to Fenway Park on Saturday to see the New York Yankees was a bust. It was our first time seeing the Bronx Bombers, but not our first time to Fenway. Thank goodness, because I would have been seriously ticked off if my first trip to Fenway ended in a rainout. Our seats were awesome. We didn’t see a single player. Well, we saw Paul Byrd in the player parking lot, probably calling someone to come get him since it was POURING. Doug and our friend Gary did get to meet, and shake hands with, Theo Epstein (for those of you who don’t follow baseball and/or Red Sox, he is the General Manager, and he’s HOT). My camera was of course packed away at that point, but he didn’t seem much in the mood for photos anyway.

I did manage to take these though:

Oh, and I had to take this picture at the Hampton tolls in New Hampshire. Notice the car. It’s a Beamer. The youngster driving it didn’t appear intoxicated, but he certainly didn’t know how to drive:
In all it was a good weekend. Too bad we didn’t get to see a baseball game, even if it didn’t matter for the playoffs.


8 thoughts on “I went to Fenway Park and all I got was a lousy pretzel

  1. I’m CRACKING UP at the toll booth picture!!!I’m sorry that your game got rained out. So disappointing! But the Sox are in the playoffs and I will be rooting for them HARD this round. KILL the Angels!

  2. Boston is one of my favorite places to visit. We went there for our 6th anniversary, unfortunetely the Sox were away that weekend, but we did get a tour. I was in Awe! Totally awesome!Glad you made light of it even though you didn’t get to see a game. And at least you weren’t the guy in the beamer huh?

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