Sweet! I got my very first blog award! Creative Kerfuffle gave me this little number:

I am totally flattered by the award. CK and I have become pretty good blog friends. We have some very similar likes and dislikes. I love the fact her daughter is older than Meg so that I can pick her brain! She is funny, thoughtful, a tad bit racy at times, and I love reading what she writes. Many thanks for the lovely award! Go check her out and leave a comment.

She said I’m supposed to award 7 other bloggers, but I’m not going to (ha!). I would have to give one to everyone on my blog list, and seriously people, I don’t have that much time to write. I’m squeezing this post in during an episode of Dora the Explorer. I have to take what I can get these days.


4 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. Look at you with your purty blog bling. Me likey :)I love reading your posts–whether you have time to write a long one or just enough time between Dora episodes. It’s all good :)(Haha–the word verification for this comment is cooker. Something I am totally not!!)

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