So much to say, so little time

We’ve had a very busy few days. I’ve been trying to blog all weekend (which I should be doing since I joined NaBloPoMo) but it just hasn’t worked in my favor. So, instead of writing blah blah blah, it’s a Monday Photo Show:

The money cat is Lira. She’s been our kitty for 11 years. These little guys are our newest additions, which Lira isn’t fond of quite yet. Leonard is on the left; Sheldon is on the right. And yes, we named them after the protagonists from The Big Bang Theory.

8 thoughts on “So much to say, so little time

  1. OMG! The kids are adorable, glad Izzie was feeling better for trick-or-treating, and the kittens are so cute. Dave and I love The Big Bang Theory!! How cute!Tracy

  2. My Lorelei would be all about those adorable kittens! We’ve had cats in the past, but since our dog has ruled the roost now for about 3 years alone, we thought it might be unfair to introduce someone new.

  3. Those pictures are great. I like the one with all four of them sitting there. In the last picture of your kittens it almost looks like you interrupted them cuddling/napping because of how they are looking at you. Or at least that is what it makes me think.

  4. those are great pics k! and nice looking punkins too.the kittehs—awwww. your new little boys would have fun w/ our new little boy. i’d forgotten how wild and funny kittens were, the littlest things entertain them. like feet…under the covers. ouch!

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