Friendship Part Deux

I have a daily calendar that sits by my desk. Friday’s quote said “true life is lived when tiny changes occur”. I couldn’t agree more.

On Friday morning I kissed my wonderful husband and kids goodbye and hopped in my mommy mobile (aka my Ford Freestar) and headed west to New York. After a 6 hour drive I arrived at the doorstep of my dear friend Auntie Nettie for a much overdue visit. Our visit, while much too brief, was exactly what I needed. Old friends are truly the best. She has since been tagged to make a visit to Maine, and I’m holding her to it.

Yesterday I met AndreAnna, Cass and Robyn. We’ve been reading each other’s blogs and emailing and to meet in person was truly exceptional. We ate, we drank, we talked, and it was like we’d been friends for years. I am not nearly as outgoing a person as I come across in this blog, so for me to travel to Jersey to meet these women was a huge step. My true life was lived this weekend. I can’t wait to see them again and I am hoping it will happen sooner rather than later. Summer in Maine is a lovely time of year if I do say so myself.

Robyn, me, AndreAnna, Cass

Thank you to my friends old and new for a great weekend. I miss you all already.

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