And a partridge in a pear tree (updated)

Ever since I returned from Blogvention 2008, my children have been AWFUL. They were thrilled to see me on Sunday night and that felt great. They had cleaned their rooms and had a good weekend without me.

These last two days though have been so amazingly craptastic (I love that word) that I’m ready to turn tail and head to Bora Bora. I’ve never felt like I’ve had much control over my kids’ behavior, no matter how hard I try. I have rules, and limits, but feel like I spend the majority of my time yelling because my older children don’t listen. Timeouts don’t work, and taking things away from the kids is always pretty useless. It leaves me feeling a tad bit lost.

Today is a holiday, which means I have the four children home with me. After a long morning of listening to all the loud noises and the banging of toys, I sent the four to play nicely in the playroom upstairs. They did play nicely for quite awhile, but then I heard Annie screaming and crying. Upon investigation I was informed that Drew had jumped on Annie and hurt her arm. She usually bounces back pretty quickly, so I wasn’t too alarmed. However, when I tried to give her her lunch, she couldn’t use her right arm to lift her fork and she was crying. Doug came home to join us for lunch and she was just miserable. She managed to eat with her left hand and is now en route to the hospital to have her arm checked out. We’re not sure if she dislocated her shoulder, her elbow, or if she just bruised it. Needless to say, I’d rather be with her but Doug took her so I could let Izzie nap.

When I know more, I’ll update.

Update: My poor little baby has a broken forearm, just above her right wrist. We’ll be hearing from our doctor about a peds appointment for a cast this week. I am so incredibly sad for her right now.


15 thoughts on “And a partridge in a pear tree (updated)

  1. While it’s no consolation to you, it definitely makes ME feel better that I’m not the only one who has little control over her child.I hope Annie’s ok!

  2. Ugh. That’s awful. Poor kid 😦 And, as Robyn said…it definitely makes me feel better, too, to know I’m not the only one. While Morgan’s a wonderfu child 95% of the time, it’s that small 5% that leaves me standing there scratching my head with drool running down my chin as I ponder what to do.

  3. {{{hugs}}}I know it’s hard when your kids hurt themselves but these things happen. You’re not even the first blog I’ve read this month with kids with broken bones. Hang in there!{{{hugs}}}

  4. {{{{HUGS}}}} I hope she’s feeling better soon! I’ve had little control over mine today and I’m surprised one of them didn’t crack their head open while jumping on the bed…after I told them 100 billion times not to.

  5. I was checking for an update on Annie. How is she doing? When Lucy broke her wrist last Easter, she only needed to wear her cast for a week. I guess when they are that little, the bones are so small and blah blah blah. I hope Annie is as lucky.

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