Who me, join the bandwagon?

I tend to be a little slow when it comes to the latest fad or “thing”. I have only been blogging since February; before that, I didn’t even really know what a blog was. I joined Twitter a little late in the game too. Doug and I started reading Harry Potter after the first few books had come out, because we wanted to keep up with our niece and nephew. To say that we are not trendsetters is an understatement.

So what am I sucked into now? Twilight. For the love of a good book, I cannot and will not put those books down. I know, I know, the fourth book came out this summer and I’m totally behind the times. I remember looking at my niece from Ohio with a little bit of confusion this summer when she was babbling incoherently about the fourth book, but now I totally GET IT! I asked my husband nicely yesterday to stop by Borders with a lovely Buy One Get One Half Off coupon that I got via email and get books 2 and 3, and he DID! Poor sucker. Actually, he knows that books make me so incredibly happy (I worked in my college and law school libraries) that he was willing to make the trip, out of his way, to get them for me. Good wife that I am, I refrained from reading until he left at 10 last night to go play hockey. Of course I was still reading when he got home after 12:30 this morning.

I will NOT be at the movie when it opens this weekend. I probably won’t see it in the theater at all. I haven’t been to a movie in many years; I tend to wait for it to come out on DVD, On Demand, or Netflix. This is one movie I actually want to go see, but my Twilight loving friends live too far away. So I’ll live vicariously through them and see it when it’s available next year. A little behind the times, but oh well, what can you do.


7 thoughts on “Who me, join the bandwagon?

  1. I clicked here randomly from Cass. Just Curious… and I think it was like, a soul-mate, meant-to-be moment or something…I am Twilight-obsessed too! And also didn’t read the books until recently. hahaha. I hadn’t even heard of them until a co-worker of mine got into them. So I picked them up last September… and read all four books in what must be record timing. LOL.Gotta love a Vampire Love Story. LOL.

  2. sweet jesus i guess i’m going to have to read them now. the girl just finished the second book and keeps trying to get me to read the first one so she can talk about it. she is obsessed! she’s doing whatever she can to earn money to buy the next two books. i told her maybe santa would bring them and she almost passed out—she couldn’t wait that long. so, ok, i’ll do twilight.i loved the anne rice vampire books–how do these compare???

  3. AndreAnna sent me the first book a loooong time ago. I bought the second book. I have yet to read either of them. I know, I know. What IS my damage?! I keep putting it off. Everyone says they’re like crack and I know I will plow through them super fast and then be left with nothing. At least now, I KNOW they’re waiting for me.

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