Because Delurking is Delightful

Yep, made that up ALL on my own. Sheesh. I truly need to get out more.

Today is Delurking Day. See this? It’s official! So, come on, delurk already and leave me a comment. Don’t make me beg. It won’t be pretty. It might involve tears and throwing of the myriad of toys cluttering my living room. So, stop by, say hi, whatever. Tell me you think I’m pretty or something sweet like that. Ok? Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Because Delurking is Delightful

  1. i’m totally stealing that button : ) and delurking is delovely. why does that make me think of that song, grove is in the heart (or house?) by deelite? or delite or however you spell it? and you look simply mahvelous today! ; )

  2. I’m not a lurker but I’d like to hand you a compliment – you have the kindest heart and you make the people that you care about feel loved even if you only know them through a blog and met them once. I am really thankful for you.

  3. Hey you! I think I’ve commented before and I don’t know what that does to my lurker status, but here’s your comment anyway.Thanks for being so awesomely supportive during all my New Mommy Drama. I always think of you and your crew when I think I have it tough. And you are awesome.xo

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