Too good to be true, but they’re 2

Two years ago today Annabelle and Isabelle were born in a flurry of doctors and nurses, machinery and lights. They weren’t preemies, but full term babies that I begged to be born at 38 1/2 weeks. That first year was full of diaper changes, nursing sessions, bottles, clothing changes, sleepless nights, diaper changes, hugs and kisses.

This second year has been all about walking, talking, running, throwing, kicking, climbing, singing, bones breaking, hugs and kisses. Oh, there are diaper changes in there, but much more sporadic than that first year. Bottles gave way to sippy cups that get launched across the kitchen upon completion, and clothing changes come at the hands of the girls now and not me. Hugs and kisses are reciprocal now. Sleepless nights are few and far between these days. Days are filled with block towers, flash cards with animals and toys, books and music, stuffed animals they’ve named with names like “Oooh Aah Ahh”.

We’ve gone from this: To this:
Happy birthday to my Annie Bananie and Izzie Bizzy Boo. Can’t believe you’re already two.

With much love, Mama


14 thoughts on “Too good to be true, but they’re 2

  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Annie and Izzy!!!!Doesn’t 2 years go by fast? I hope they have a year of health and much happiness (and take it easy on their mama).BTW, this was your best Elmo yet!

  2. Hi Kristin!Happy Birthday to your 2 cuties!I’ll be sending you a Valentine treat for the swap hosted at An Island Life. Please send me your mail address and some ideas of what you like for treats..Thanks,

  3. Hey Kristen… the girls are so cute!!! Isn’t it amazing how time flies with the little ones. Happy Birthday to them.I am looking forward to chatting with you since you are valentie buddy from Island Life. I will send you an email soon. I will also answer the questions on my blog next week. Thanks!

  4. I clicked on your email in your profile but my computer always wants to redirect me and I can’t get it to work. I don’t see it published on you blog page so send me one at jugglingmama(at) and then I will respond back. Thanks!

  5. Two! I haven’t checked your blog in a while, and I can’t believe they are already two!And I also can’t believe they can dress themselves. REALLY? Mine are less than 2 months away from two, and they are nowhere near that!!

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