It’s NOT coming up roses

I’m listening to the kids (yes, all four of them) run around and yell in the background and figured that instead of yelling at them to shut up for the love of cookies, I’d do something “productive” and blog. Yeah, my life is all roses, all the time.

In the last week, I’ve baked two cakes, watched my babies turn two, surprised my in-laws with a 50th wedding anniversary party, dealt with 14 inches of snow, taken the twins to the doctor for their 2 year checkup, eaten lots of cake, washed a bazillion loads of laundry, folded and put away some of that laundry, put kids in time out, been hit in the face by hands/toys, been yelled at, yelled at my kids, cried, watched four back-to-back episodes of CSI in one sitting, been circumvented by my kids every time I clean up their toys, taken away ALL the wooden puzzles, listened to all of my kids cry sometimes simultaneously, pondered running away, cried, had at least one Captain Morgans and ginger ale, and eaten an entire bag of Hershey’s Hugs in pretty much a couple of hours.

So, what have YOU been up to?


11 thoughts on “It’s NOT coming up roses

  1. Sounds like one busy week…. Oh the laundry, I hate that part of my week. I sware the stuff multiplies faster than I can ever get to it. LOL…Hey just think tomorrow is Friday!!! Yeah

  2. You? Need a vacation! Come to NY! Granted, Morgan would be with us, but one kid after dealing with 4 would be easier, right? Sorry it’s been so non-rosy for you. Thinking of you!!

  3. I hate laundry. I especially hate bringing it upstairs and putting it away. I am TERRIBLE at that.Ohhhhh, hershey. and CAKE! Yum!I sorry things have been so hard. Maybe next time, ignore the entire mess and just eat the hugs. After all, if the mess reappears right after we clean it up, does it really even count as having been cleaned up? It’s like the bear pooping in the woods, except it’s our kids, pooping up our house.

  4. it's been a craptastic week all the way around. i didn't eat cake and hugs but i did eat several spoonfuls of peanut butter laced w/ m&ms (cos i didn't have any peanut butter m&ms). i'm ready for this week to be gone.

  5. I applaud you that it was just one bag of hugs. I find that Target likes to flip me off by making them 2 for 1. So I buy 2 bags because it’s FREE, HELLOOO??!?!?! And then I eat 2 bags. So hooray for only one bag!

  6. Ok, I KNOW things are bad if you are resorting to drinking! And it’s no wonder. Basically, you got thrown from “holiday season” into “birthday season.” Show Doug this post — he will feel so bad for you he will let you get away. And then come stay with me where I will pamper you (and it will be relatively quiet with only one child, not four)!

  7. Substitute a glass of wine for the Captain Morgan’s, and I’ve been up to the same thing! Especially the crying.i promise to post Nathan photos soon. It requires me to walk downstairs to the basement to use our desktop computer (my laptop isn’t compatible), and I never get a chance to go down there!

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