Like the sound of bubble wrap

I went to my doctor yesterday. It was kind of an emergency visit. I had an appointment for RIGHT NOW actually, but because I had CHEST PAINS (OMG I’m only 36, no heart attacks thankyouverymuch!) they fit me in. I’ve had a stiff neck for about a month and changing my pillow didn’t help. I couldn’t turn my head (hence how the children get so much by me these days!) and my left shoulder was throbbing. Generally, I was a mess.

I’m blessed that my primary care doctor is a DO, not an MD, which means that when my back needs an alignment, I can see him for it. It’s been awhile since he’s done much to my back because of my lower back issues that make me scream when he touches it. But yesterday was a different story. With every manipulation that he did, it was like listening to someone play with bubble wrap. Snap, crackle, pop. Over and over again. Only my hips refused to work themselves back into place, which is ok since that would force him to really work my lower back and with no cartilege in between a couple of vertebrea, the pain would have been too intense.

Anyway, today I’m feeling a bit better. No more chest pains. The muscles around my spine are SORE. My left shoulder still hurts, but I’m hoping in a day or so it feels better. He must have done something because today my fingers aren’t numb. I may go back again Friday before I go scrapbooking for the weekend. Then again, I may wait. At least I wasn’t having a heart attack.

Can I tell you how stressed I was at the thought that I was having a heart attack? I was completely FREAKED OUT. I kept hugging and kissing my kids yesterday and tried to keep my yelling to a minimum. I had all sorts of scenarios running through my head that were so depressing. It was almost too much to deal with. I can’t imagine not being here to see them grow up. As much as they are making my hair much too gray, I can’t even think about not being here for them.

On the up side of things, my husband will be home on Thursday and Friday which gives me a little time to myself. I’m chaperoning Drew’s field trip to the Planetarium, getting a haircut (ALONE) and going away for the weekend with some girlfriends to scrapbook. A little rest will soothe the soul. Not sure what it will do for the back muscles though!


6 thoughts on “Like the sound of bubble wrap

  1. I know that feeling of being in a panic all too well. For me, when I panic and get upset thinking the worst, it always makes whatever is hurting me hurt more. Glad you’re feeling better. I say go before your weekend away. It may give you that much more relief. 🙂

  2. omg–i’m so glad you’re ok! i know what you mean about invisioning the worst though! ugh.and i’m INCREDIBLY happy that you’re getting some YOU time this weekend. you sooooo deserve it! and, i’m getting my hair cut tonight : ) though we’re all going, not just me.

  3. Oh my goodness, Kristin! What a scary day it must have been! I’m so glad you are feeling some physical relief…hopefully the rest of your aches will subside soon. Wishing you much laughter and relaxation on your weekend away!PS Enjoy that hair cut, too! Funny how these practical appointments now feel like spa treatments, eh?

  4. I’m glad that you’re OK!!!!! DO’s are awesome. Every time I have an issue, I go straight there, and it’s always better afterwards. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

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