Call me Princess Hypocritica

I am about to backpedal on something I said awhile ago, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I had said that I don’t let Meg watch Hannah Montana on tv, even though every.single.girl in her class watches. She listens to the Hannah Montana soundtrack, which we all like (including Drew, who sings right along!) and she has Miley Cyrus’ new CD and loves it. I’ve been hesitant to let her watch the show, quite frankly, because I am not ready for her to grow up. Of course I tell her to grow up all the time, but when it boils down to it, I know she’s only 8 and the last thing she should be thinking about is boys and dating. Ugh.

So….on April 10th there is a new Hannah Montana movie coming out. And I want to take her. Just the two of us. I saw previews last night and it looks good. I’ve never taken her to the movies before. In fact, she’s only ever been to two or three movies in the theater before, and never with me or Doug. She’s never been a fan of loud music or noise so the movies was not a place I wanted to spend my money for her to want to go home. I digress. I really want to take her to this movie. Does that make me a hypocrite? I feel like one. I let her wear Hannah socks, jammies, underwear (yes, really, they have Hannah underwear), she sleeps on Hannah sheets and has a Hannah calendar. I’m starting to think that having her live in my overprotective bubble isn’t good for her and I should just GIVE a little more.

What do you think? Does it make me a hypocrite to take her to the movie?


9 thoughts on “Call me Princess Hypocritica

  1. Absolutely not! It makes you a mom with a little girl who’s growing up before your eyes and it’s hard to figure out where to draw the line. You are her mom. You get to make choices for her at this point. And you don’t have to answer or justify yourself to anyone else!

  2. Nope not a hypocrite. The movie looked a little milder than the show, and I think Meg would love the 1-1 time with you, especially watching something she loves! It’s hard to raise girls, because all of their role models are great for a few years and then they start acting/doing things you don’t want your daughter to see. Miley still seems ok, and I hope she stays that way!!!!! Good luck with your decision!Tracy

  3. I’ve not seen the show (thank godess Charlotte is only 3 – I don’t even want to know what they’ll come up with in 5 years) but I agree with what the others said.If the movie seems tamer, and you want to spend the time with her, I don’t see it as being hypocritical.

  4. No way!!!You’re getting to do some fun mommy-daughter stuff. It’s a TREAT, which makes it different than watching the show which is on every day.Take her! She’ll be SO excited.

  5. NOPE. I think quite the opposite actually. I firmly believe that minds should change sometimes. You are going to show your daughter that good things come to those who wait, and that you are reasonable and are out for HER best interests…and if that includes Hannah Montana, then so be it.You are showing her that you are reasonable and when she gets to 13 she won’t immediately rebel thinking you are unflexible! She will know that you will really think things through…and she will give you the time to do that.

  6. i don’t think you’re being a hypocrit at all. take her to the movie, you’ll be her hero, if only for a day : ) i know i let my kids watch WAY more things than i should (even though they’re both older than meg) but i temper that w/ being honest and open about any questions they ask. for example–the girl (12) loves csi. there are a lot of “adult” issues on csi and when she asks about them we answer. and i guess i also feel like it’s not the tv shows that make kids bad it’s the parents who don’t pay attention or don’t PARENT their kids that make them bad.

  7. I don’t let my 8yr old watch that show either but the movie looks so cute. I was thinking that I would wait for it to come to the library and then check it out and watch it first and then decide. I really don’t like the tv show she is a terrible role model very disrespectful to her dad, in my opinion.

  8. Well, if she’s wearing the girl on her butt, you might as well see the movie, I guess. I haven’t seen the show, so I can’t comment on whether it’s appropriate or not, but if it looks OK to you, then go. If you want to do a movie, but aren’t sure about the HM thing, maybe you could go to the Monsters vs. Aliens movie. The thing with the movie is, if she sees that, she’s going to want to see the show, too, and what will you say then? I will say that one of the girls in my daughter’s class reads the books aloud to me occasionally, and I find them to be too old (and a little asinine). But, the movie may be different. You can look up online what other parents think, too, before you go, so at least then you could be sure what you’re walking into.

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