Just Manny being Manny? Heck no.

Dear Manny~

If you asked my 8 year old daughter who her favorite Red Sox player is, she would say your name. She cried when you were traded last year. Sobbed. It was heartbreaking. Don’t believe me that she loves you?
That’s her on the right, wearing YOUR jersey.

Personally, I don’t care if you want to screw up your life and career by using performance enhancing drugs. I do care that you’re a role model for my 8 year old kid, though. I’m sure you were a role model of thousands of other children as well. Notice my use of the past tense in “were”. Those kids and YOUR kids, are going to be so disappointed that their Manny made such a horrible choice. I know my daughter won’t be happy when I tell her.

I will tell her. I will also tell her that while she adores you, she needs to find a new player to admire. I know people make mistakes. But you made a conscious decision to do something illegal. I want her to learn from that. I want her to admire people who are strong enough to believe in themselves and their abilities and don’t require the use of illegal substances to advance in life. So thank you Manny, for screwing up. It gives me a chance to talk to my child and give her a real world lesson in what happens when you make bad decisions. I only hope she listens to me. I hope she grows up to make good, smart, strong choices. I hope she learns from you, even if it is the hard way.


A Red Sox Nation Mama


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