Where did May go? It’s June 1st and I last posted on May 19th. Here’s an update, bullet-style.

  • Softball season is almost over. This week we have 3 games, a practice and the team BBQ at our home. Meg has had fun.
  • School is over in 3 weeks. Drew finishes this week, but Meg still has a month of learning to go.
  • My laptop monitor died a week ago. My dad is bringing me a new laptop this week. To say I’ve missed it is an understatement.
  • My children have decided that listening to me is NOT on their list of things to do each day. Things have not been pleasant here.
  • I have some sort of spring cold that renders me completely unable to smell or hear well. The children also have this cold. I cannot even count the number of boxes of tissues we’ve gone through in the past two weeks.
  • My husband’s one and only vacation this summer is coming up later this month. We told the kids about our vacation trip. Meg has already commenced freakout. Staying home may be a better option.

I have so much more to say but if I leave the children alone for too long, they start scratching, hitting, pulling hair. Yes, you should be jealous. My life is awesome.


5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Vacation trip?! She freaked out?! Do tell!!Sorry you and the kids are sick. I just got over battling a sinus infection for close to 3 weeks. Awesome.

  2. ohhh, yes, i want to know about the vacay trip too and why in the world meg would freak out. and is that freak out in a good way or bad way? i hope everyone in your house gets to feeling better soon. i’ve missed you! : )

  3. There seems to be a general consensus in the blogosphere that May is just as busy or maybe even busier than December. Hope the family feels better soon.

  4. “if I leave the children alone for too long, they start scratching, hitting, pulling hair. Yes, you should be jealous. My life is awesome.”I should just copy and paste this onto my blog so that I actually have something written there. That and the not listening. Argh. I wish the Backyardigans would do an episode on obey your parents. Hope your vacation is a great one no matter what.

  5. May is nuts, absolutely. I like it, but I'm glad it's over, too. Phew.I hope you feel better soon!!!We're done with school on Wednesday. God help us.

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