I get by with a little help from my friends

I often lament to Doug that I hate living so far away from my friends. I left Maine to get away and spent seven years making new friends in New York and Boston, only to return to Maine to settle down and raise a family. It was especially hard leaving my college friends; there are some I haven’t seen in 15 years. But everyone makes their choices and friendships either thrive or fade away.

Writing this blog for the last year and half has changed how I view friendships. While I may not always throw out everything that is going on in my life onto my blog, I can email those people who I hold close to me and vent/chat/commiserate. I trust that I can tell them what’s going on without judgment. They aren’t just people who leave a note on my blog; they are true friends.

Today my phone rang and because it was loud and insane here, I let it go to the machine. I was surprised to hear Cass’s voice on my machine. When things settled down I dropped her a note and my phone rang almost instantly. She made me promise not to hate her and asked if I had left an Anonymous comment on AndreAnna’s blog today. I said no but that I had just read the latest post but none of the comments yet. So I read the anonymous comment. It was sad and scary and I could totally see why she could have thought it was me. She was concerned enough to track Doug down (you need to be a PI Cass!) to make sure that he didn’t think it was me either. Then I emailed AndreAnna to let her know that I didn’t leave the comment. I think I heard her sigh with relief all the way from the Jersey shore.

I am truly blessed with wonderful friends. Friends concerned enough with my health and well-being to make sure that I’m not putting up a front on my blog about how I’m doing. Friends who would be willing to get in their cars and drive for hours to help me if I needed help. Cass’s phone call really showed me that friendship can span miles, years, even the internet. There is something truly comforting in knowing that.


5 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my friends

  1. Doug was pretty shocked that I found him…..Maybe I can be an Internet Marketing, Photographer, Novice Cook, Mom, PI and professional sleeper.Seriously though, I care about you and I would have jumped in the car in a hot second if you said that you needed me.

  2. I hate trying to explain to other people about my "internet" friends (they would NEVER understand the whole blog thing — no one knows I have one). Bottom line, you girls ARE my friends. No "internet" or other qualifier needed!

  3. wow. i'm impressed w/ cass's pi skills! and, i feel the same way about friendships. i sometimes feel like a geek for saying this, but i feel closer to some of the people i've "met" online than i do to the people i see in person.

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