Fall fun in photos

Saturday after Meg and Drew had hockey (oh yes, it’s THAT time of year again) we went on a quest for pumpkins. I was hoping to find a pumpkin patch to avoid going to Pumpkin Land but even in the middle of farm country there were no pumpkin patches to be found. So we ended up at Pumpkin Land. It has moved from its previous location since we went two years ago and I was pleasantly surprised. The new location is bigger, so even though there were a gazillion people there on a gorgeous, mild Saturday afternoon, it didn’t feel that crowded.

Before I post the photos, let me tell you about Izzie and her little photo spread. Izzie LOVES lambs and sheep. She sleeps with two pink “shaky” lambies, one of which is a little more loved than the other (so thank goodness she has two). She cries when she sees a sheep in a book. Her addiction is a bit much, but she’s 2 1/2 so we’ll just go with it. Annie and I came upon the sheep first in the barn, and she immediately whirled around and asked “where Izzie?” She KNEW that we had to get Izzie into the barn to see the sheep. You’ll see why as you scroll down.

(I love this silo)
(I know it’s blurry but she’s so happy!)
(Yup, she KISSED it!)
(We rode a tractor pulled wagon down to the pumpkin patch)

My photos are unedited. If I had a good few hours, I’d upload them to my editing program, Memory Manager (it’s a Creative Memories program) and really heighten the colors.


3 thoughts on “Fall fun in photos

  1. These are great, Kristin!! Love the shots w/ Izzie and lamb — precious! You should frame one and put it in her room, since she's such a fan. 🙂 Love the silo, too. Love stuff like that… Makes me antsy to get back out to a pumpkin patch!

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