Babies no more

The end of 2009 also marked the end of me being a mother of babies. The girls are in the throes of potty training; some days are good and some days, like when Annie stands 2 feet from the toilet and pees all over the floor, are bad. Training two simultaneously is completely exhausting and I am so darn glad that I’ve already gone through this with two other children because I’d lose my ever loving mind otherwise.

We also took down the girls’ cribs last week. We had one toddler bed and acquired another for $10 on Craigslist just before Christmas. My doctor had told me to take them out of their cribs after the Izzie incident but quite honestly, you couldn’t pay me enough money to take not-yet two year olds out of their cribs. As it is, the girls are at this very moment upstairs for a nap that they ASKED to take and are jumping around and tearing apart their room. The thought of having still 1 year olds out of cribs was enough to make my hair stand on end and I’m not even totally happy with my almost 3 year olds out of their cribs. BUT, I have to give them credit, because once they go to bed at night, they fall right asleep and stay asleep and in their beds until they wake up in the morning (where they immediately get up, bang around and wake everyone else up).


I have babies no more. They will be THREE in twelve days and that thought is amazing to me. I don’t have any pangs for more children; the four that I have keep me plenty busy and rather exhausted most of the time. I don’t even miss the babyhood of the twins. While they might make me crazy with their hair pulling/face scratching fights, they are quite fun at this age. They color in their coloring books, they give fantastic hugs, they oftentimes play together nicely. They do puzzles, dress themselves entirely, sing the ABCs, giggle together, share a chair to watch Dora or Max and Ruby.

So while I no longer have babies and I’m ok with that, I have big girls who are in need of some attention to be reminded why we don’t jump on our toddler beds. Ah motherhood.


2 thoughts on “Babies no more

  1. Oh, Olive Tree, how you make me chuckle! Anyway…Some people define the "end of babyhood" much earlier than you and I do… I hear people all the time referring to age 1 as the end… but for me, it's age 3 as well…Can you believe that you survived twin BABIES??? I can't believe I did it either…

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