Diary of a Hockey Mom

Hockey season is long. Very long. It starts in October, with 6 am practices on Saturdays. Six am practices mean my daughter and husband leave our house at 5 am. On a Saturday. If I am lucky, the other kids sleep through the garage door opening and closing when they leave. Drew’s hockey is at a fixed time of 11 each Saturday from October to December, then again in January thru mid-March. Doug is on the ice for all of Meg’s games and practices as the assistant coach and is the head of the program Drew skates in. I spent lots of time alone with the children.

I am not always able to attend the hockey games that Meg plays in. I am not about to pull my sleeping children from bed to leave our house at 5 or 6 am to watch her play. I am grateful that she understands that. We went to many of her Tuesday evening games back in the fall, but it was a huge strain on me and the other kids, as the games were during their bedtime. She had a local tournament over Christmas break and my awesome sister-in-law watched the girls and Drew so that I could enjoy a couple of games without kids running off or climbing up and down the concrete steps and making me nuts.

Over Valentine’s weekend Meg had a tournament up north. Originally my parents were going to attend with us, but the stress of sleeping 6 people in a room with 2 double beds got to me and they offered to stay home and keep the girls with them. Let me sum up the weekend for you a-la Mastercard:

Two night stay in an ok-Ramada in Bangor, Maine~ $200

Hats, t-shirts, food, lots of coffee (ice rinks are COLD!)~ $200

Seeing my kid score her first goal in a full-ice game~PRICELESS

Being a hockey parent (and not just mom) means lots of sacrifices~missed family dinners, rushed homework, incredibly stinky clothes to wash. But there is NOTHING like seeing your child score a goal, her first goal, to make you realize that it IS all worth it. I was so proud of her, and her teammates (who tried for 2 1/2 games to help her get that goal), and it made for an awesome weekend.


3 thoughts on “Diary of a Hockey Mom

  1. Way to go, Meg! That's awesome 🙂 I had two older cousins who were HUGE into hockey. Both played from 6 years old all the way through their late 20's. I remember my Aunt and Uncle talking about how crazy expensive it was.

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