Yesterday was just an ordinary Tuesday. We put Meg on the bus to go to school, puttered around, then headed to a friend’s house for a playdate for a couple of hours. We came home, had lunch with Doug, and the kids played/whined/fought until we walked down to get Meg from the bus (a first since last fall). The late afternoon and early evening were a mixture of homework, piano practice, tv, dinner, reading. All the usual stuff.

In the mix of all that ordinary were tiny little extraordinary things that made me happy. Like Drew getting the girls boots and coats ready for them before we went to his friend’s house and instead of yelling “no me do it MYSELF” they said “thank you Drewie”. Like Annie running up to me later in the day, throwing her arms around me legs and saying “me love you Mama”. Like Meg grabbing my hand and holding it the entire way home from the bus stop. Like watching all four kids run around like crazy fools after a bit too much Valentine candy after dinner.

Much of my time is spent dealing with the ordinary~cleaning cat boxes, doing laundry, refereeing fights, taking and picking children up from school. But when the little bits of extraordinary are thrown in there it adds a spark to my step and warmth to my heart. I wonder what extraordinary things today will bring?


5 thoughts on “Extraordinary

  1. The extraordinary things are what not only keep us from taping them to the wall, as AndreAnna said, but they keep us from locking ourselves in the laundry room with a bottle of booze at 10:09am 😉

  2. i love those moments and am so very happy you had some good ones : ) you deserve every happy moment. i love that meg held your hand. cherish that. my kids are still pretty affectionate, even at 10 and 13 and i hope to god that doesn't go away.

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