Happy Things

It’s school vacation week. Again. If you’re keeping track, here in the Northeast the kids have vacation at Christmas, again in February, and one last time in April. I would love to say that I enjoy school vacations, but I simply do not. I enjoy not having to rush out the door every morning to either drive Meg and Drew to school or get Meg on the bus, but that is where the enjoyment ends. Meg hates school vacations. She’d rather be at school. So she is miserable for days on end and drags the rest of us down. It’s really hard to be cheerful when your child is screaming how much she hates being home with you.

Today on this Patriot’s Day (a holiday only for people in Maine and Massachusetts), here are happy things that make me cheerful:

My cell phone

Sharpies (and yes, I have almost every color imaginable)
My camera (Canon Rebel xsi DSLR)
Clean laundry
Smiling kids
Big hugs
This blog
Scrapbooking (this is all I use)
Did I mention coffee?

Do you have a list of happy things? I’d love to read about them!


4 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. -my iphone-my laptop-my camera-the idea that if I won the lottery, I would hire a full-time chef to feed me & my family-weeds picked for me by my 2 year old-McDonalds coffee and a drive-thru so that I can get it in my pjs-flipping through my BH&Gardens magazine, tearing out recipes that I will never cook and mentally noting decorating ideas that I will never put into place. sooooo relaxing-blog stalking

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