Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone out there? Anyone? Bueller?

Well this poor blog has been seriously neglected this summer. So has the laundry, the piles of paper that need sorting and about a dozen other things.  Dishes get done just before Doug gets home so it looks like I’ve done something other than sit with a book while the kids play in their pool. Weekends are full of family time, with a little me time thrown in there lately, and all the things I meant to do keep getting pushed back further and further. At least I remember to pay the bills on time!

I’ve missed writing about the kids. They’ve only driven me partially insane this summer, with Annie and Izzie unleashing their inner Picasso on their bedroom walls and the way the four kids fight over dumb things like who made the mess in the playroom.  As a family we’ve done some fun things and I’ve had my camera with me every time but I think the photos are still on the card and not even on the computer. How pathetic is that?

So I’ll try to be less neglectful of the blog. I’ll try to write more and share photos of the kids. But maybe first I should fold some laundry and put it away.


5 thoughts on “Neglectful

  1. Summer is like that, isn't it? I had grand plans during a week off a couple of weeks ago and ended up watching the kids in the pool 90% of the time. It was quite nice, actually.

  2. It's KILLING me not to have the counters sparkling, all laundry done and the house pretty when my husband gets home. Everytime I try and do all that, a) he yells at me for not resting and b) I pay for it the next two days. C-sections blow!Personally? Let it go. You're enjoying your time with the kids, reading a book and taking photos. Soon enough, they'll be out of the house. Then you can clean 🙂

  3. I don't know how you have any energy to come up with ideas to blog about at all! With Doug being away so much, you must be exhausted.We are having some behavior issues over here — mainly Gavin's jealousy of Nathan. He's been aggressive — hitting, punching, kicking, throwing things at Nathan — and Michael and I are at our WITS. END. Oh, and to cap it all off, he is speaking in a baby voice incessantly and refuses to potty train.Kids are fun.Glad you are well over (up?) there!

  4. I am so with you – figured out in the last 2 days that while dinner is cooking I grab 5 pieces of paper (sitting unfiled un-dealt-with) and either shred or file. If I keep at it, I may be done by Christmas!

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