Right here, right now

Right now I’m sitting here at my desk instead of cleaning my kitchen. The dishes are piled high and I really need to empty and then refill my dishwasher, but alas that isn’t happening. I’m watching my very old cat twitch in her sleep next to me (on the desk, taking up lots of space). She is so old that I’m always checking to see if she’s still breathing. She was my first pet EVAH (no, I do not count the fish we had as kids) and while she’s old and crabby, I love her to pieces. Of course, she was young and crabby once too and I loved her then.

It’s eerily quiet upstairs right now. I think Meg is in her room cleaning as her friend O is coming to spend the day with us tomorrow. I am trying not to make a huge deal of this playdate, even though it’s the first playdate Meg has had in 2 years (other than with her friend B, who comes here with his mom and she and I drink coffee and visit while the kids all play) but you have no idea how much I want this to GO WELL. She has already lost her collective shit more than once today and I’m hoping she gets this out of her system and just has fun tomorrow.

We’re having our first ever yard sale in two weeks. Our basement is overflowing with things the kids have outgrown. Having twins really does mean double the stuff, like high chairs and Exersaucers and clothes, clothes, CLOTHES. I’m hoping we have a)good weather and b) a good turnout and c)get rid of some stuff taking up space oh and d) make a little money as well. The biggest challenge, next to the kids trying to reclaim half the toys we want to get rid of, is the fact that we live 1300 feet from the public road, so we’re hoping people will make the trip up our driveway to see what we have.

The eerie quiet has been replaced with yelling. Three weeks until Meg and Drew go to school. I’m starting to crave some sort of a schedule. Oh sure, I’ve enjoyed getting dressed at 9 every day but that’s going to come to a screeching halt here soon and I’m almost ok with that. Doug and I watched some football last night and I told him that if we’re going to watch football then the humidity needs to go away, the temperature needs to drop and I need to fully immerse myself in fall. Fall is my favorite season, and at least here in Maine it seems to go very quickly and gets replaced by winter sooner than I’d like.


5 thoughts on “Right here, right now

  1. Hi!!Visiting you for the first time from Bloggy Moms and am your newest follower!I had to smile when I read about your cat. I lost my beloved German Shepherd two weeks ago. She was 15. When I would get up in the morning, I would give her a little love tap with my foot just to make sure she was ok. I miss that.Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you have a very busy life! Also sounds like we have a lot in common with husband's with busy busy schedules 🙂 Hang in there! I saw you on Bloggy Moms and I'm now following you 🙂 ~Kimberlywww.stinkerpinker.com

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