Finding Time

I had not-quite three hours to myself yesterday while Annie and Izzie were at preschool. It was the first time since Drew was born 5 1/2 years ago that I didn’t have a child in my house during the school day (not counting days when Doug is home and takes them out with him; you know what I mean). Because it was my first “free” day I didn’t schedule a dentist appointment or run any errands other than the post office. I didn’t arrange coffee with a couple of the other preschool moms I’ve known for a few years; I just wanted to be in my house and see how it felt to be taking back a little of my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I would do anything for them. But as my daily existence is so completely intertwined with what THEY eat and THEY watch and THEY read and THEY do that I have gotten pushed to the side. My blogging time, for example, is so limited because a)it requires some brain power, b)I am constantly interrupted when I try to write or think and c)did I mention needing brain power? I can’t tune out the kids when they are here so more often than not, I don’t blog. Twitter on the other hand, is easier for me to manage while constantly being interrupted.

Doug called me while I was sipping coffee and asked me what I was going to do while the girls were in school. I told him “nothing”. I had emptied the trash and uploaded some photos that I took of the girls yesterday, but other than that, I hung out at my computer. It was nice to actually READ a blog post instead of  getting halfway through it and needing to feed a child/wipe a bottom/break up a fight. I wasn’t lonely and I wasn’t sad. I was just me and it felt so good.

Once we get into the routine of the girls going to school twice a week, then I’ll do more things. I’ll be volunteering in Drew’s class on one of those days every other week. I can go to the dentist without taking the kids with me. I can clean if I want or edit photos or scrapbook. I can read a book. I can do those things that I never find the time for while the kids are racing around the house at warp speed (like right now). I’m looking forward to a better balance of me and Mama. I think I’ve earned it.


4 thoughts on “Finding Time

  1. I am SO proud of you! I need to take some lessons from you – I NEVER enjoy my alone time because I run around like a crazy woman with my 5,000 lists of things to do. And then I regret how I "wasted" my time.Can't wait to hear about the girls' school!

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