Stream of Consciousness

Our house has been hit by some sort of nasty flu-type bug. The kids were all sick before Thanksgiving, and it lingered for Izzie for two weeks. I spent the past two weeks fighting the good fight, but losing in the end anyway. Doug actually took a sick day today when he woke up feeling all yucky. I can’t remember the last time he stayed home because he didn’t feel well. Hopefully this bug is on its way out and we can get some Christmas spirit going here!

We’ve been listening to lots of Christmas music here, since Thanksgiving week. I’ve either had Pandora on one of their several Christmas stations, or have been playing my CDs for the kids. I have a soft spot for Josh Groban’s Noel; his version of O Holy Night make my heart sing. It is my very favorite Christmas song. We also love the Charlie Brown Christmas CD. Who doesn’t love the Vince Guaraldi Trio?

We finally got our tree decorated. It’s a fake, which works well given that three cats and four kids are constantly hovering near it and I despise crawling underneath it to water. It sat, undecorated but lit, for over a week, but we finally got down to business yesterday and the decorations were put up. Having the kids help decorate the tree is incredibly stressful to me and yesterday was no exception. Despite the fact that several sections of the tree are inundated with ornaments, they actually did a good job. I’ll post photos of the tree and some of my favorite ornaments soon.

Have you clicked through your reader yet to check out the layout? I added a couple of pages; one about me and one about the kids. I’m hoping to spend some time creating a custom header at some point. Maybe over Christmas vacation when Doug is home for 10 days. Let me know what you think of the pages! And if anyone knows how I can get my Word Press blog as my default for my comments when I use my Google account, please let me know. I don’t want comments linking back to the old blog.

I’ve been missing blogging. I’ve been reading posts by everyone and commenting here and there, but I’ve been going a million different directions lately between volunteering in Drew’s classroom, hockey (five events this past weekend between two kids!), and trying to get ready for the holidays. Drew’s 6th birthday is later this month (hold me!) so I’m trying to plan a friend party over vacation. I’m excited about the theme-black and gold. Can anyone guess what that stands for? I might give a prize!

Pocklock wrote about traditions the other day and I’ve got a post formulating about my holiday traditions. Christmas is my favorite season; I can’t wait to share them with you!


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. i’m happy to see a post from you but can now see why you haven’t—ugh to all the illness! i have one home sick today, not too bad, just a cold. we also have the faux trees and i’ve been listening to christmas music since thanksgiving : ) i’ll have to put together a post about christmas music. i hope everyone is on the mend there!

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