A Little Bit of This and That

It’s been a bit of a crazy week. It started off all promising, and while it hasn’t gone downhill, it just hasn’t been what I’d anticipated.

My in-laws are on that cruise ship that got beaten up by the weather in the Mediterranean on Sunday. Doug’s boss called him Monday morning while he was trying to remove a downed tree on our road to let him know that it had made the news. We haven’t heard a word from them, so we’re just going with the assumption that while they may have been tossed around their cabin like rag dolls, they’re relatively unscathed. Doug and his brothers (he has 3 older brothers) have been emailing internet articles about it to each other for the last couple of days. They’re due to return Friday night and we’ll all be calling them on Saturday I’m sure. The worst part is that my father-in-law really wanted to go to Egypt, which was of course the destination that they DIDN’T get to due to the weather. I’ll just be glad when they’re back on land, safe and sound.

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is TEN DAYS away. I’ve been purchasing gifts (I’m buying for the kids from my in-laws too) but I really have no idea what I’ve got for whom and whether I need to get more things. Sometimes having four kids to shop for is quite overwhelming. Items are arriving daily from the online shopping I’ve been doing on Amazon and other online retailers but I’m just taking the packages and putting them aside until I can get some quiet time to look at what I’ve gotten.

I’m literally counting down the days until the kids have a break from hockey. This week alone (Sunday to Sunday) the kids have 7 hockey practices/games/events between the two of them. Next week Meg has one game and then she is off until January 1st, when she will be skating in a clinic put on by the University of Maine Black Bear men’s team. Drew skated last night in a clinic put on by the Portland Pirates and it was the first time he’s ever been on the ice without Doug. He did a fantastic job of listening to the Pirates’ players and their assistant coach Eric Weinrich. After the hour long clinic he got his stick and jersey signed by all 4 of them. Meg will be skating with the Pirates in a clinic next month. All of these clinics are FREE and a great opportunity for the kids to skate with their peers from other hockey clubs.

Meg got her ears pierced on Monday. It was a big step and something she’s been bugging me for since the spring. I wanted her to be ready, willing and able to help take care of them herself. She was a hot mess before we even got there, but once she settled herself down she pulled it together and it was so much easier than she expected it to be. She got pretty daisies and can’t wait to go buy new earrings to put in March 13th when her 12 weeks are up!

I guess I’ve rambled on enough. Still have to post about my holiday traditions and my tree!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This and That

  1. can’t your in-laws communicate w/ anyone at all? like make a phone call or text or email or something? that would drive me nuts not knowing. i can imagine you do need a break from hockey. i’m waiting for next week when karate school is on break for a little while, and we just have the one constant thing. i can’t imagine all you have on your plate. also–w/ the gifts–omg. fortunately i have the house to myself part of the day while mine are in school so i can pull everything out and make sure i have equal piles for both. i forget what i’ve bought, even though i have a list. sheesh!
    yeah for meg’s earrings! the girl didn’t get hers pierced until about a year ago (she was always too scared). to this day she tells me i should have had it done when she was a baby and couldn’t remember it. yeah, ok.

  2. OMG, I’m exhausted just reading that!! I have NO idea how you’re shopping for 4 kids. I can’t even keep track of all the places we’ve hid gifts. I’m going to be finding christmas presents in June, I’m sure of it.

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