These are the days of our lives

Christmas seems like weeks ago, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me, because since Christmas day we’ve had a hockey game for Meg, a blizzard, two barfing children, a child that turned 6, a family birthday party and lots of stuff to clean up. Phew!

The days leading up to Christmas were full of bickering children who annoyed me so much that we came THIS CLOSE to canceling Christmas altogether. Doug went so far as to make them remove all the ornaments from the tree and I refused to wrap presents until Christmas Eve day (and therefore I finished the Hunger Games trilogy and felt kind of “meh” about the last book’s ending). They managed to rally on Christmas Eve day and our holiday turned out quite nice.

. And yes, my girls are wearing matching holiday jammies for the first time since the twins were born! I was so excited to find some for all of them this year!

Santa brought our family a Wii and I’m not sure who’s having more fun~Doug and me, or the kids. Annie and Izzie sure seem to be enjoying the sword fighting and Meg and Drew really like to bowl. But Doug and I played so much on Christmas night that by the next day I was certain I had Wii elbow!

We got slammed Monday with a blizzard that left us with about a foot or so of snow (actual snow amounts are too hard to determine due to the wind that accompanied the blizzard) and while we were watching the snow fall Izzie, and then Annie, fell victim AGAIN to some nasty stomach bug. Izzie has just recovered as of today after spending most of yesterday sleeping or snuggling with anyone in the room.

The kids dragged out the sleds and baseball bats (really?) and spent the morning playing in the snow and it’s so cool to see the sled marks in the backyard and the footprints everywhere in the yard. Doug’s been down on the floor playing with the kids and all the toys they got (we’ve officially hit the Star Wars zone in our house, which brings back so many memories of playing Star Wars with my brother). Drew had a fantastic family birthday party last night and is really looking forward to having some of his friends here tomorrow to celebrate again with him.

We’ve got a little Laurie Berkner playing in the background, homemade Chex Mix is cooling on the oven and we’re just enjoying our day. What about you?


One thought on “These are the days of our lives

  1. homemade chex mix. YUM. i enjoyed the same at my parents’ house. girl – you guys are hardcore. ornaments off the tree? tell me you snuck a little video footage while they were doing it? hehe that will be a great story to laugh about when you are sitting around the table w/ the kids’ fiancee’s. haha

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