This Month I

This month I will:

Attend more hockey events than I can shake a stick at

Celebrate my daughters turning 4 and 10, with Hello Kitty and Harry Potter as the themes

Curse the credit card statements from Christmas shopping

Help my boy write thank you notes for the great birthday gifts he received

Take lots of birthday photos

Play lots more Wii and figure out how to defeat Doug in Wakeboarding

This month I hope to:

Take more photos

Continue the clean spree I started before Christmas

Yell less

Enjoy my kids more



Get a night out that’s not hockey related with my husband before all the babysitters go back to college

Spend quality time with friends

Laugh more

I started to complete the end of the year meme that everyone does, but realized that I a)didn’t have a lick of free time, b)didn’t really have resolutions in 2010 and c) I would rather stick with a month to month endeavor. Out of that was born “This Month I”, a little summary of what I WILL be doing and what I HOPE TO be doing each month.


4 thoughts on “This Month I

  1. i love this!!! esp the bday parties (post pics!! miles is suddenly off star wars and onto harry potter). make sure that date night happens.

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