It’s Delurking Day!

It’s that special time of year again! It’s Delurking Day! You know, the day where you come and say hi to me? Look, it even has a cool logo!

So, come by and say hello! Ask me questions! Tell me I have pretty eyes (they’re green by the way). I’ll come visit your blog as well!


9 thoughts on “It’s Delurking Day!

  1. YO! Kripster. Remember ‘lo those many years ago in college, when we could have gone out and done exciting things on a Friday night?

    (Wait. I think YOU actually did. I know I have mental files with words like “cranberry” “jello-shots” on them. And mental snapshots of you in the dining hall the next morning …)

    Here we are X years later. You have a tween. AND THREE MORE. An hockey in the early a.m. As for me … It’s a Friday night, and I’m watching Disney Channel because my brain is so fried that I’m thinking about going to bed at 9:00 p.m.

    Yeah. I kindof wish we were still in college, or could go back and find Tati and Amy and go get in my crappy Homer-Mobile and go out and do something, even if it was to go to Caldor’s or the movies.

    How did this happen?

  2. I feel like a wicked creeper but I saw the picture of the light house and realized (If you live near there) that I live super close to you! I live in Yarmouth with my son.

    so hi there!

  3. I have SOOOO been missing your updates and just realized I never updated my RSS feed/reader when you moved your blog. I’ve been missing posts for TWO MONTHS. Lord help me. If anyone needs me I’ll be knee deep in your blog, catching up. xo

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