Dear Annabelle and Isabelle~

How is it possible that you are turning FOUR years old today? You’re more than willing to tell anyone who asks that you are turning four, not six or three.

You are my babies, my “let’s have a third child”. You make me crazy, fill my heart with love, smother me with kisses, give awesome hugs, make more messes than your big brother and sister combined. Your personalities are so different now from how you first entered the world, with Annie so quick to join us and Izzie needing some turning and prompting. Now Annie, you’re the laid back one, always watching us with your big brown eyes and Izzie is the one barreling into a room at a mach-3.

For my Annie, my sweet big girl. You are your big sister’s clone. Your eyes, hair, build are all Megan but your personality is all Drew’s. Still, you are your own girl, with a love of coloring, writing, cows and giving the best hugs. You love school and are constantly asking if it’s “your day to go to school”.

For my Izzie, my little one. I can tell exactly how you’re feeling by looking into your big brown eyes. They tell me everything. You’re quite the imp too, although it’s not always a bad thing. Your love of lambs may be bordering on obsession and you want so much to be a “big girl”. You do everything big-love, fight, play-and that is going to take you far in this world my sweets.

From this:

To this:

Happy birthday my loves.

Love Mama


5 thoughts on “Four

  1. You have a lovely blog, I found you through Bloggy Moms! Enjoy every minute with your beautiful four year old twins! They grow so fast! I also have twins and they just turned 11 years old in November… How the years go by so fast! ~Take care…

  2. they are too cute for words! i am with you though on how the hell did my kids get so old so fast. you blink your eyes and they’re another year older. it’s fun seeing how different they’ve become though : ) happy happy birthday to your babies!

  3. A) Twins. You rock my socks, my friend.

    B) Could they BE any more adorable?!

    C) In 4 years, the only thing that’s changed is your hair color. Your face is still shiny and glowy (shut it, spell checker! Totally a word!) and so YOUNG looking. I think I may have to start hating you 😉

    D) Happy, Happy Birthday to your girls!!!

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