Stream of Consciousness

It’s snowing outside my windows. We had a good storm yesterday, one that sent all the kids home early from school. I kept Drew home today as he has been under the weather since the girls’ birthday on Sunday. Given how he’s been acting today, he should have just gone to school. Annie and Izzie took a nap on the loveseat with me this morning, which they haven’t done in years. Then Izzie woke up and promptly threw up. Sigh. We don’t ever seem to catch a break in the illness department.

We’re on the end of the month of birthdays for the kids. Meg’s birthday is next, with a party with her friends here next Saturday. Most of them got their invitations yesterday and those that did were telling her today that they will be here. She is quite over the moon about it. I’ll have to do a birthday wrap-up post once we get through next weekend. We’ve gone from a hockey birthday to a Hello Kitty birthday and now to Harry Potter (complete with costumes!).

I signed up for my first ever blog conference. I’m going to Boston in May for Bloggy Boot Camp. I just decided that I’d like to do something that’s a)relatively local (only 2 hours away) and b)hopefully going to give me some inspiration with blogging. I am not attending with anyone I know in person, so this is way out there for me, but I’m quite excited. Plus, I can stay with my brother (you know, once I make sure he’s going to be around) and hanging out with him and his wife is always fun.

My house is a total mess right now. This is disheartening after we cleaned it up for the girls’ party on Sunday and right now my living room is covered in books, silly bands, Barbie dolls, and various stuffed animals. The kids’ rooms were clean on Sunday and are now a mess again. The “put things away when you are done with them” is being completely ignored by my kids.

We’re having breakfast for dinner tonight. Bacon, sausage and The Pioneer Woman’s Eggs-in-A-Hole. It’s cooking now and spells so darn good. NOM! I guess I should go set the table.

Wondering if you’d all like to ask me questions and I’ll do a post answering them. Thanks to Megan at Twinsomnia for the great idea! Go ahead, ask away!


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