January Wrap-Up

I know that January isn’t over quite yet. However, my weekend will be filled with hockey and celebrating my big girl’s 10th birthday with not one, but TWO celebrations, so my time is limited. I thought I’d look back at my This Month I post and see how I did.

This month I will:

Attend more hockey events than I can shake a stick at Last weekend alone we had 6 hockey events. January was very busy with hockey and February is looking to be the same

Celebrate my daughters turning 4 and 10, with Hello Kitty and Harry Potter as the themes Well, we’re almost done with that one

Curse the credit card statements from Christmas shopping Yep

Help my boy write thank you notes for the great birthday gifts he received It took us almost the entire month, but with the exception of one note, he’s done.

Take lots of birthday photos I wonder how many I’ll take this weekend?

Play lots more Wii and figure out how to defeat Doug in Wakeboarding Due to all the hockey events, our Wii time was greatly diminished this month and I have yet to figure out how to defeat Doug in wakeboarding. However, we got Just Dance 2 and I rule that game!

This month I hope to:

Take more photos I’m sad that I haven’t used my camera as much as I was hoping to this month. I’m trying to limit my use of the Auto setting on my camera, but that’s really hard when natural light is low and we leave our shades down to keep the house warm.

Continue the clean spree I started before Christmas Kind of a colossal failure there. Too many days of sick kids and snow days this month made me less willing to clean.

Yell less I strive to yell less. I’ll keep striving

Enjoy my kids more It’s hard to enjoy kids who are barfing, and we had lots of barfing this month. But we also had lots of snuggles and really, you can’t be snuggles.

Read I didn’t read as much as I wanted, mostly because the book I was waiting to read JUST arrived yesterday through my local library and inter-library loan.

Scrapbook Nope. Not one bit.

Get a night out that’s not hockey related with my husband before all the babysitters go back to college. Nope.

Spend quality time with friends. Sadly that didn’t happen either.

Laugh more I did a lot of laughing this month. I mean, watching my kids and husband play the Wii and try to master the “Viva Las Vegas” song on Just Dance 2 made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

So, I could have done better in January. What about you? Did you have monthly goals that you wanted to reach? Did you meet them? Please share!


2 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. I think you did pretty darn good for one month! I’m especially glad about the *laughing more*, because that’s the most important! (Is it possible to yell less? I’m not sure I could ever reach that goal.)

    I CANNOT WAIT to hear about the Harry Potter party! I so wish I was invited! (and if I loved closer I would totally crash it). Hope it goes well! 🙂

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