Normally I have my birthday posts written so they’ll post ON the kids’ birthdays. Meg’s birthday, however, is monumental and needed a bit more thought.

Dear Meggie~

Ten years ago Sunday, you made me a Mom for the first time. I didn’t know if you were going to be a girl or a boy and we had names picked out either way. We had a cute nursery done up in Winnie-the-Pooh and were so anxious for your arrival. You made us wait a bit by dragging out labor for two days so you could be born on your due date, but we loved you anyway.

As a baby you had such a fierce independent streak. I see that in you to this day. You’re so loyal to your friends, and despite your protests, to you brother and sisters as well. It’s hard to believe that you’re ten, because sometimes when I look at you I flash forward to your teenage years (which of course are right on the doorstep). But sometimes I still see a little girl, because of course ten doesn’t mean you’re all grown up either.

We’re entering such uncharted territory. You’re heading to middle school in the fall. You want to play in the school band and will be joining an all-girls hockey team. You’re itching for your own email address (nope), cell phone (nope) or a Facebook account (nope) and Dad and I are trying so hard to give you things without letting you grow up too fast, too soon. Keep trusting that we’re doing what we think is best.

It was so wonderful to see you with your friends Saturday night at your birthday party. You’ve truly found a group of friends who share your interests and make you happy and comfortable. Remember that as you continue to grow up, because those are the friends that will stay with you for a lifetime.

I’m really amazed that we’ve gone from this little baby: to this grown up girl: .

Always know that we love you.

Love, Mom and Dad


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