This Month I

It’s that time again. It’s the beginning of February, so it’s time for me to put out there what I WILL be doing this month and what I HOPE to be doing this month.

This month I will:

Cheer on my daughter’s hockey team at the State Tournament for their division.

Cheer on my daughter’s hockey team at another tournament over February vacation.

Wonder why I let my kids play hockey (kidding, but sometimes, when I look at their schedules, I question my sanity)

Clean my basement workshop area and invite friends over to scrapbook

Make Valentines with all four kids for their classroom Valentine parties

Wonder where we are going to put any more snow that we may get this month

Take more photos now that birthday season is over

This month I hope to:

Get my desk organized

Work on my blog, getting a blogroll button complete and maybe attempt a custom header

Get photos moved from my computer to my external hard drive

Write at least 2 or 3 blog posts a week

Be more patient with my kids and my husband

Keep my kitchen island clean of school papers and mail

Keep my kids healthy

Start my new job

So, it’s time for you to share! What will you be doing in February? What do you hope to be doing in February? Please share!


5 thoughts on “This Month I

  1. what’s your new job?? did i miss a post about it?? can’t believe you guys have a basement! you’ll need to post pictures once you are done w/ the set-up!

  2. This month I will:

    make homemade Valentines with the kids
    take the kids bowling
    watch my godson get baptized
    make a few homemade meals
    warm up a lot of chicken nuggets
    worry about my students

    This month I hope to:

    finish Gavin and Charlotte’s bedrooms
    sleep in
    upholster my own coffee table
    finish weeks 3-6 of Couch25K
    get a new blog design

    take better photos

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