Disappointment (with a bit of triumph thrown in)

I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, partly due to being ill and in bed for most of Monday, and partly due to just being plain old busy. I had intended to write a post about the job I was going to start that I mentioned here. It was one of those jobs that was seemingly too good to be true and kind of fell in my lap a couple of weeks ago.

However, on Friday I got a call from the lawyer I was going to be working for, from home, part-time, saying that they had found someone to come work in their office for them, doing what I would have been doing (holy run-on sentence Batman). Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed. Of course I respect their decision to hire someone to work in their office, which is just something that I cannot do at this point. Annie and Izzie only go to preschool 6 hours a week; the cost of preschool, plus a daycare cost on top of that, wouldn’t even be covered by what I’d make working part-time. A full-time job for me right now just isn’t in the cards. If I look at how often the kids have been sick/had snow days/late starts, I’d hardly have been at work this winter. For now, the status quo remains.

Despite my disappointment from Friday (and a follow-up call from them today confirming that the job is a no-go), there has been a little triumph here. I’ve been working with the little kids on their Valentine cards. I just used scrapbooking materials to make hearts for the kids to write on. Drew wrote out half of his yesterday, doing all the writing himself, which is tough work for a kindergartner after being in school all day. Today Annie, Izzie and I sat down to work on their hearts. Annie can write all her letters and has been able to for several months. That amazes me every day. Izzie hasn’t shown much interest in writing more than the “I” of her name and I haven’t pushed at all. She’s just four; kindergarten isn’t this fall and those things will come when she’s ready. Turns out, she IS ready! She proudly wrote out every single one of her friend’s names on their heart, plus her own on each one! They weren’t perfect, but I was so proud (and very surprised).

It is rather amazing how life can hand you disappointment and then throw such triumph at you at the same time. It would behoove me to remember that more often.


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