It’s been a long, long time

I’m sitting in my “computer room”, which is a room with my computer, shredder, piano, books, school papers, bills, hats, mittens, games, shoes, and cats (at the moment). I’m looking at the mountain of snow in my front yard, which had been melting a bit until we got about 18 inches of fresh snow starting on Friday. Winter is a long season here in Maine, where it can be 40 one day and then 15 the next. Last year at this time the snow was almost all melted. I think it’s going to be June before all of this snow is gone.

It was school vacation week last week and I fully intended to rest, relax and catch up on blog posts~writing my own and reading and commenting on others’ posts. But Megan was in a hockey tournament over the course of the week and I was sick with some awful cold that I’ve had for three weeks that’s just lingering, so when we weren’t at the rink, I was curled up under a blanket watching Star Wars movies or coughing like someone with the plague. I avoided most social media, other than the occasional email or Facebook post. I took Meg to two different playdates (are they playdates when the kids are 9 and 10?) and event spent a few hours with friends on Sunday scrapbooking.

I can’t believe it’s March first though. It felt like January out when I took the kids to school today, which was their first day back from vacation as we had snow, sleet/freezing rain and rain yesterday, which kept them home. While I enjoyed the quietness of vacation, I like having my schedule to rely on. It forces me to get up and shower every day, drink smaller cups of coffee and make sure that things get done, like laundry or dishes or bills. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to April vacation though, which will be after hockey ends and before softball and baseball begin!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve sat here and clicked away at the keys and written something, anything on this blog. I suppose it’s because I’m living life instead of just writing about it, but I think there needs to be a happy medium between the two. I want to live life and then come back here and share it. That is the sole reason I start this blog~to share my life. Certainly, I like comments when I post, because really, who likes to write into the void. But I don’t write solely for the comments, but for myself, to remember what I’ve been living. I can’t scrapbook every little aspect of our lives, but I can bring some of it here. So I plan to be around more, sharing more. Make sure you hold me to it.


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